Week 11-Classmate Conversation-Albert Macias

Albert macias  : albrtmacias.com

So what’s up guys …. nm..

so today i met albert macias:

we had matching shoes on

Albert is a Business major and this is his  first year, he’s local

he’s from Downey , and is 18 , and the youngest of 5.

His oldest sibling is 40 and the 2nd youngest is 30, giving him a total of a 13 year span..

he’s the baby haha.

Albert is a Disneypass holder so i assumed he likes Disney and hanging out with friends.

This summer Albert worked @ the courthouse in Bellflower.. there he prepared the paper work for criminal cases … very interesting and a scary job incase he loses any papers.

Albert is a Native speaker in spanish, his family is from mexico
Took ap lit and ap language In Spanish , in highschool as did i.. well i did’t take ap spanish lit.

albert chose CSULB because his first choices ( UC & private) were just not .. well you get the point.
So decided csulb.

I learned that Albert’s mom has a business, and everyone in his family has worked in the fashion industry at some point in their lives. His mom cuts fabrics and sends them off to the bigger companies pretty cool

His mom began working with fabric at 20 when she came from Mexico, she worked her way up until she was able to make her own business. His dad was a sower and his sister and brothers worked @pcbg.

Albert thinks it would be cool to work there one day, he looks very stylish.
anyways thats ALBERT MACIAS 🙂



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