Week10-classroom convo- Ricky amenero

What’s up everybody 🙂
This week I met Ricky Amenero!
Www. Emojiamenero.com

So Ricky is a pretty cool dude. Like me Ricky is a freshman . He’s undeclared but civil engineering interest him. We talked about highschool, and appereantly ricky went to warren. He ran cross country and did track, though he never competed in the races for track.In rickys spare time he likes to work on his car, watch netflix, and he does some volunteer work with a club he was part of back in highschool, the humanitarian society club. Ricky has one sibling and shes 14, and they look really similair.
So far Ricky enjoys CSULB, the people he’s met are nice 🙂

in ricky’s words :  People aren’t douche bags .


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