Week9-salon des refuses

Week 9- so this week in the art galleries there was Salon des Refuses.
The Salon ded Refuses is alot of pieces of art put together here , no name attached or paper saying what its really about. Its pretty neat idea, it allows people to look at the art and then stick with their idea of what the art means, because sometimes we’ve seen , or at least i have seen a painting or sculpture and thought of it one way , but then i read what the creators intentions are and my mindset kinda changes. this week i particularly liked was the mc. Donalds. I was talking with a classmate and i said oh look someone left their mc, Donalds there.  but i doubt anyone leaves their Mc. Donalds there with candles. In a way it was a shrine to mc. Donalds, ” PRAISE THE GOLDEN ARCHES AND THEIR DOLLAR MENU!” haha. the food looked that it had been their for about a week. I would think it might have had mold or flies but no it just sat there. i wonder how long until it will get mold.

IMG_0715 another piece i liked was this skeleton IMG_0714 i liked it because it reminded me of drawing my friend made me last year. I enjoyed this salon de refuses it was interesting all around.



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