Week8-classmate convo -Emily bondoc


This week i met a fellow Freshman named Emily Bondoc. She plans on majoring in Business human resource management or hospitality. She wants to travel and help people, be part of hospitality .Emily commutes from Cerritos and works in an office dealing with medical records .oooh very cool

We shared some similarities coming from the same area of Cerritos. She went to Cerritos high school and i went to Gahr.( rival schools ) but Gahr always dominates at football. We talked about how things were at out highschools and about highschool football. Both Emily and I attend the same church. Emily attended catholic school all the way until 9th grade.In her free time Emily in her free time enjoys finding new food places , she enjoys boba.  She used to play basketball too. So far Emily likes CSULB, she enjoys the campus and the people are alright, except she doesn’t like seeing the people from Cerritos HS. Emily has an older sister who is 10 years apart, and says that when she was younger Emily would be mistaken for her daughter. Funny story because that happens with me and my younger sister who is 14 years apart.
We continued to talk about our families and i found out that she has 16 uncles and aunts on her mom’s side, she beat my mom by 3 haha.
Emily is  areally nice and fun person to talk to, we have things in common and could probably talk for a really long time… anyways that’s Emily 🙂

IMG_0636.JPGemily^                             me^


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