Week 8 -activity – blog

so whats happening on sandra art 110 blog. those who follow see usually an activity or art that has been put in the galleries at csulb and a convo with a feelow art student. well this week th epage wen tthrough some changes, not very drastic or antyhign like that.just a different theme, so its not so ” bloggy ” like. I added a pattern as my background and i think i will begin to make it more on a single topic like food , or have a seperate page , im still a bit confused. I had targeteed my audience as anyone really, my last page theme was very mobile friendly it made it easy to scroll, but you werent able to find previous blog posts unless you scrolled all th ewya down .Managing a blog is hard. I hope to understand this better as the days and weeks and months go on haha 🙂

before : IMG_0622.PNG


after  :IMG_0692.PNG


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