week7-artist-Kenita Hale

so last week Monday, I was walking to the parking structure with my friend Tanya. we always pass by looking at the galleries. It so happened the AfterParty was up. I looked at the door and it was black and it said come in… walked in . then i saw a really big black tent. Tanya went in like nothing and walked out saying  ” ooh that scared me” . so i began to think of all the creepy things that could be hiding behind that curtain, i imagined skulls or something like that. I was about to walk in and i saw something moving, i didn’t want to go in i was afraid something would grab me. anyways i was like oh whatever and i began to walk in and i bumped into a girl.. ahh i screamed. I’m about to walk in again , and a guy had   gotten stuck in the curtains so he scared me was he worked his way out.. i screamed again haha. Then  I FINALLY  got in and i see a clown AHHHHH ! i yelled again. I felt like such a wimp. Tanya told me they’re real and i was like Noooo . the one i was looking at didn’t even move or blink. and then i poked him… .AHHH >.< he was real. So then i took a couple of pictures.

I felt cool on Thursday because there weren’t any clowns and i felt like i may have been the only one that saw them haha B) but then again i was such a wimp on Monday for getting scared by 2 clowns and this person in a robe.




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