Week 7_Classmate Convo_ANNA JOY FLORESCA

So this week I saw Anna and I really didn’t feel like talking to a stranger today so I talked to Anna to find out more about her . I know Anna because she sat next to me on the first week of school in psychology and then the 2nd week or 3rd I walked in late and there were no more seats but luckily Anna had her backpack on the seat next to me so she waved for me to go sit with her which I gladly did, and that’s the story of how I met Anna. Ever since then Anna is the homie😎. This is Anna in her natural habitat :

IMG_0511.PNGI knew Anna so I just asked her some of the questions to answer the things I didn’t know about her but anyways let me talk about her. So ANNA JOY FLORESCA is a Fillipino freshman here @CSULB she graduated from Paramount High School and lives in Lakewood by the Lakewood mall. Anna commutes her through the bus . She is studying pre-nursing and I’m assuming she
Wants to be a nurse one day. She enjoys drawing especially doodles , we have that in common.Something interesting makes zines And this week she made one for her friend , who apperantly freaked out over it , I would too.. Maybe haha.

Also she wants to get flowers to cover her moles . She says she’s not really physical she says it’s because she’s clumbsy. In her spare time she enjoys watching Korean Dramas! I asked if she knew how to speak it from all of what she has seen and she answered no 😦 just the basic things 🙂 which is good too. Anna’s biggest fear are really big spiders and ghosts. We got into talking about Halloween and Anna told me about her Halloween costume from last year , she dressed up as Mother Nature oooh. The piece that Anna most liked were the paintings but also the AFTERPARTY. She said the AFTERPARTY reminded her of American Horror Story .. Oh and I asked Anna a funky question

if your boyfriend /husband/lover were to poop out cubes would you stay with him and she answered …..YEA! But I would need to make a toilet with a square hole for the poo to go down easy haha

Anyways that’s Anna 🙂 ( the one on the right ) the cutesy little Filipino pre-nursing major in art 110 🙂







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