Week 6-Artist conversation- Rosa Vasquez

This week i walked through the many art galleries and found Rosa Vasquez’s art gallery : Deportation Archive.
photo 2
I enjoyed Rosa’s photography gallery because it wasn’t just art it faced an issue. it was art with an issue, and this issue i could relate to. I asked rosa what had inspired her to do this piece and it was the deportation of her brother . Families are being separated. Many immigrants have committed minor infractions, and are sent back to where they came from. Most if not all immigrants come here to the U.S looking for a better job not to be criminals, and its sucks seeing families get destroyed, and it hurts. It took money time and effort to be here and get what these people have earned and to have it all taken away must be the worst. My dad came to the US at 17, my age. He tells me the stories of how he got here and its scary. Many others in my family have come here to the US as well all looking for a better future and found it, and if they were to have 10-25 years or more of hard work taken away just because they don’t have a paper or card would be devastating. Its understandable some people say immigrants are taking money away, but that’s not always the case. I just found it to be a great exhibition and relatable.photo 3


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