Week6-classmate convo- kiana lightbourn

This week as I sat on the rock under the sun, I got approached by this green/blue hair girl named kianna. We talked and what I learned about her is that she’s a freshman like me , majoring in marine biology. She likes marine birds , when she was younger she liked turtles , but everyone likes turtles so she likes the birds better. She’s currently taking chemistry and bio and says chemistry is kinda hard . I agree. Kianna was part of marching band in Highschool , at lb Wilson, for 3 years. Kiana goes back often to help out with handing out uniforms and giving the kids support and spirit. Kianas short term goals are to get her license or ID
, but in order to do that she has to order a new birth certificate , as we talked about her goal of getting her license I learned she was born in the Bahamas . Her mom , a teacher went to the bahamas, to work and met her father and that’s why or where she came from . We talked about TV and the shows and movies we watch. We had some shows in common , like orange is the new black and bates motel. Kiana enjoys marvel movies, and white chicks. Her favorite tv shows include Dr.who, Sherlock. And once upon a time. Kiana enjoys reading and isn’t very physical. She says the most exercise she does is walking from the library to the horn center . Kiana has a lot of pets , 3 dogs 4 cats a couple hamsters a pond with turtles. I can see she really likes animals and I think she’ll do good as a marine biologist. http://kianalightbourn.wordpress.com/
This is kianna :


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