Week5-Activity-identity art

On monday of this week when Glenn explaines what the activity was for the week i was kinda scared and worried that i wouldn’t be able to do the assignment because i didn’t know how to change my  identity for the week. I thought about it monday,tuesday, and wednesday night. Thursday morning it hit me. I put on a simple dress a shirt , put on my gold watch some earings wore some flats and straightened my hair for the first time since school started. My brother asked me ” why you look so nice, who are you going to see?” i didn’t reply back. That comment showed me though that my identity for the day, at least for the people that know me would be different . I got to school and got on the shuttle, i asked the girl next to me what she thought my major was, she gave me a weird face but then continued and answered my question, she said a psych major. I get to school pretty early and hide in the library until 9. A guy asked if he could sit with me at my table, i told him sure. I proceeded with asking him what he thought my name was, he said idk Annna , and my major maybe in nursing. I don’t know what gave these people that vibe, but oh well. class finished i saw my friend and first thing she said was ” why you all dressed up for ?” . I usually don’t wear dresses. I’m a basic , no time to really even look at what im putting on kind of person. I like tshirts and anything basic that matches. I usually keep my hair in a ponytail and i don’t straighten my hair because im just simply too lazy. So Thursday was a weird day. To most people a dress is just that a dress. To me a dress is girly, fancy, and super out of the ordinary for me.




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