Week4-Classmate conversation-Destiny

This is Destiny Zuniga
Destiny is a junior here at csulb . She’s currently undeclared but will become a Health and Administration major soon , she tried explaining it to me but it was kinda difficult to explain since there are many aspects to it.we have some things in common such as what we like to do in our free time ; go to the beach and hangout with friends .Destiny is a Disneyland pass holder , she tries to go atleast once a week, but recently hasn’t been able to. She’s a pin trader or pin collector at the moment because she hasn’t traded any, she’s kinda attached to them. Destiny doesn’t have a favorite food , she just has phases , and right now she’s really into Thai and sushi . She works at Little Caesars pizza , around El Monte, where she’s from .They only give her $1 off pizza , which kinda sucks , but Little Caesars is only $5, so I guess you get to not pay taxes.She’s also moving out on her own soon ! I hope all works out with her and her new home šŸ˜Š



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