week 3-class conversation-Devante L

This week I met Devante he’s a Junior. Went to lb poly played football d line he’s pre nursing and will most likely go into pediatrics because he LOVES kids! He says he’s a boring Person and his bestfriend is Emmanuel .
Green is his favorite color , he likes. action and comedy and hates love horror. He Likes chili cheese fries 😻🍟Devante Works in the dorms , he sometimes is a server and sometimes he’s a busser. he enjoys serving more than being a busser because he can talk and make the job fun ,Devante commutes by bus and lives in north lb by Jordan Highschool . School is life and work he’s also a single Pringle And is paying registration for his car , because it appreantly had debt accumulated when he bought it. Devante has a scholarship from rotary club which he was part of in Highschool I think I can’t really remember if it was Highschool or last year , sorry Devante for not remembering
His favorite color is green💚 his sandals had green on them too Overall Devante overall is a very entertaining person




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