Week 2 – Classmate Conversation- Gerardo Reyes

So this week i met this guy : 


his name is Gerardo Reyes.But he goes by Jerry, Gerry , Gerra or whatever you want to call him. 

Gerardo is  a junior and hes 20 ( I can’t believe he’s 20, he looks younger.) Anyways Gerra is a

business major and currently full time unemployed. He has ALOT of hair  , he looks like a porcupinePorcupine with that hair haha . He commutes to school and he rides a penny board around shcool, because he was cruising on his penny board he fell and cracked his phone. In his mean time he likes to work out, plays soccer and school. He sings in the shower too appereantly. He enjoys hiking , he goes hiking in Malibu. Gerardo has no brothers , just sisters. A few days his sister was born . Gerardo is really talkative too. 



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