Week 1 -GLAMFA Artist- Ava Porter

butcher - Ava Porter
Butcher by Ava Porter- UCSD 2014


On Thursday at the GLAMFA show as i walked in and out of the galleries, the piece of art that caught my attention was Butcher by Ava Porter http://greaterlamfa.com/Glamfa2014/porter_2014.html. This piece caught my eye , because it was disturbing , it grossed me out and I felt wrong just watching it. Yet it was so interesting i couldn’t get my eye off it. My stomach turned a bit.  I wondered why I felt this way when i myself have done this with chicken before. 

On the GLAMFA website Ava Porter talks about she enjoys  violence , action and agression. I can see it . In this piece and in  Slaughter. I wonder what her inspiration or where this idea came from . 



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