Week 1- Classmate Conversation – Jose Lara

So today , was the first time at the gallery and well i found Jose while looking at the Artist in Residence Project: Dollar Tree , Fullerton, CA. ( after M. Kelley) by Jennifer Frias + Christina Lee from CSUF.  http://jenniferfriasprojects.wordpress.com/

We looked at the blown up picture of dollar tree and well Jose said he didn’t get it , and well i said it used symmetry. 

What I learned from Jose is that he’s currently a sophmore and a business major. He says he doesn’t ” understand” art, he used to be able to draw but it somehow dissapearedd. He commutes to and from school , he says his life is school, work, gym and study. He works at a hotel and gets paid to stand around then drive cars, he’s a vallet guy. I also think he might like the color blue, he was wearing all blue today , head to toe.

jl photo (3)http://josecruzsite.com/



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